RBG-6 Specifications

Calibre: 40x46 mm
Operating system: Semi automated gas operated
Firing position: Shoulder fired
Trigger firing position: Double action
Handling & operation: One man weapon
Length (Butt folded): 566 mm
Length (Butt extended): 777 mm
Height: 260 mm
Width: 158 mm
Weight empty: 5.4 - 5.5 kg
Minimum range: 30 m (depending on arming distance of grenade - example - Croatian grenade has arming range 12-18m)
Maximum range: 400 m
Effective range: 375 m
Muzzle velocity: 76 m/s
Cylinder type: 6 chamber revolving cylinder
Cylinder capacity: 6 rounds
Ammunition type: All kinds of 40 x 46 mm Low Velocity HE, HEDP, TP, Smoke, Incendiary
Stock type: Foldable-overlapping
Sighting type: Occluded
Interchangeability of parts: All parts interchangeable
Temperature range: - 40°C - +75°C
Rifle finish: Black matte non glare - Kataforetical protection
Barrel rifling: Progressive - from 0° - 26,6°
Barrel protection: Hardcromed 60 HRC (Hardness on the Rockwell "C" scale)
Trigger actuation force: 40 - 65 N
Firing pin exit while triggering: 2,2 - 2,5 mm